i believe that i heard that the raid on bin Laden was actually going to be on the date of the Royal wedding.l

    instead it happened one day later because of weather problems. I think the proposed timing was strange. do you?

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    the us goverment has been after this guy for ten years.. a day or two makes no differance whatsoever.i do beleive however the momement they confirmed his exact wearabouts .. the plan was inacted without haste.. whould it have made a differance if it were on the royal wedding day no possible way unless of cource the honeymoon was in afganistan!

    the journalists would have gone mad with two stories to cover. @@ thank daren.
    this could be true thats why the USA Obama didnt go !

    i was thinking maybe michelle felt left out and asked her husband to choose THAT date so there would be no questions from anybody as to why they weren't invited.
    thank you for responding. i have been waiting for a long, long time for an answer.
    i think your idea is closer to truth than mine. : )

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