how long will you live with melanoma that has spread to the lungs and brain?

    started in the toe and mass found in the groin and swollen lump nodes under the arm. pet scan found cancer in brain and lungs

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    If it's already spread to the brain, the life expectancy of the patient can be as little as 6 to 18 months. Contact Hospice for advice. Google "Hospice" and the name of your city for their phone number. The patient will receive excellent guidance and advice from Hospice. May warm blessings surround you.
    I have melanoma pretty much all over my body....12 surgeries and many, many more to come. However, what I have is (thus far) treatable with surgeries. But I don't concur with everyones remarks..brain and lungs does not sound good at all...whey do you ask..are you OK? Is this question concerning a loved one of your own? Sometimes life just totally sucks but it does beat the alternative! ):
    Typically, the prognosis for metastatic malignant melanoma is not good and leaves about five years for survival. Depending on which stage the malignant melanoma is in depends on what the outcome will be and how soon it will happen.

    Stages that have progressed farther along, as learned in the prognosis for metastatic malignant melanoma will need different treatments. A normal treatment for melanoma would be to remove the cancer. This is the first step in treatment. It becomes exceptionally hard to treat as it reaches different parts of the body.

    For the most part, melanoma will attack the liver first, especially in ocular melanoma. The lungs are also a prime target and unfortunately very important to the body. This is why many place a high importance of making sure moles get checked out. If there are any changes, you should report it to your doctor immediately. Catching melanoma in the first stages is important.
    it really doesn;t sound good.not many chances of survival i think

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