How does nicotine enter the bloodstream in chewing tobacco?

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    The same way anything else you swallow does, through your liver.
    i don't see where i gave you both karma points.
    i have such a terrible, expensiive addiction. i'm addicted to nicorette gum. in CA, you can't smoke anywhere (sometimes not even in your own home) anyway, twenty years ago i started chewing nicorette gum. sometime i'm so desperate for nicotine i don't even want to eat. lately, the manufacturers are putting less nicotine in the gum so i want more more more, i know i should quit especially hearing this about the liver, suliz. i don't think i can quit though. i think i couldn't quit even if i knew it was killing me. THAT BAHD ADDICTION, boys and girls.

    Never heard of it. Did you quit smoking though?
    Nicotine is not swallowed, that is why chewers spit all the time. Nicotine is absorbed through the lining of your gums. This is the reason for the higher rate of oral cancer in chewers. Absorption is one of the ways that drugs enter your bloodstream, that is also how the nicotine patch works. It is a highly addictive stimulant but medically, nicotine takes only 72 to 96 hours to leave the body. However, the physical and mental reverberations can go on for weeks.

    I suspect some of it is swallowed but thanks for the correction. Of course you are right, otherwise nicorette patches wouldn't work... and neither would some heart tablets put under the tongue.
    Itsmee, you do have a problem.

    Stopping smoking and reducing the risk of lung cancer is no help if you end with mouth cancer instead, and Coach is right about that. You couldn't stop even if it was killing you? It very likely will, you can't stop... and that is addiction.

    I've often wondered if being forced to burn bank notes equal to the amount spent on cigarettes, or in this case patches, would help. The answer to that has to be no if death won't stop you.

    You need help, and all I can think of is quit-smoking groups... and I guess they recommend patches... they work well for so many...

    Ah! There is another answer, though I can't remember the name of the drug. It reduces the craving for cigerettes, and I don't THINK it's based on graded doses of nicotine.

    Go and see a doctor. There must BE an answer & we don't want you to vanish, presumed dead.

    Any better ideas anybody?

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