Did Pakistan know Osama bin laden was hiding there?

    Were Pakistani officials helping Osama Bin Laden was hiding in the country and didn't report to the US?

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    I certainly would think so.. he wasn't that far from the prince's lair-- Also there were Pakistanis that helped.. There's good and bad everywhere.
    I believe they knew.
    certainly not the local barber
    I believe the US knew it couldn't trust ANYONE inside Pakistan's intelligence service with the information they had on Bin Laden's suspected location for fear of the mission being compromised by a sympathetic BL supporter.

    I would say SOME higher ups in the Government knew.
    Of course they knew. The Pakistani gov was making billions off of the U.S. as long as he wasn't found, and probably a few million from BL and his followers to keep silent.
    There is a lot to think about. Part of me wonders if everyone
    involved knew his whereabouts... that maybe he was being hidden
    away in a "safe house" until he was needed for political reasons.
    And I mean by both us and the Pakistanis. On the other hand I
    wonder if the Pakistanis knew and kept it secret to keep the war
    going and the billions flowing in; but also because if we could no
    longer defend keeping troops there Pakistan would be ripped apart
    even more quickly than they are now internally by the Taliban (note
    that retaliatory attacks after Bin Laden's murder have all been
    on the Pakistani military)and externally by India Iran and a
    politically undefined Afghanistan. This is all spy novel fodder and
    I doubt we'll learn the whole truth anytime soon but its kind of
    fun to let your imagination rip on this one.
    Of course the Pakistani government will deny any involvement, but they R guilty as hell. As I have seen from videos, Pakistani policeman were guarding the compound where BL was. Their counterpart to our CIA helps the Taliban with arms&money (ours) to kill our soldiers. The only people that R making any money out of this sordid affair is big business! God bless the messed up USA.

    if they did or didnt dont make any difference the scumbag is dead


    Of course they did!

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