what Internet-browser is the best?

    and tell me please WHY

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    I like Firefox, I was an opera user for quite awhile, I like it too. I don't trust Chrome because i don't trust Google, they are information haulers.. It is fast though but I think Firefox is just as fast if not faster and there's tons of 'widgets'..

    Vinny. I liked Firefox too until I upgraded to Firefox 4. Too many problems, so I've gone to Chrome.

    Huh? Really? I wonder what went wrong for you, I have FF4 and have no issues.
    Do not get IE9 if you're using windows XP. IE9 is the future and XP is outdated. The 2 are not compatible.
    Well I have a Mac and I like Safari but I have also downloaded Mozilla Firefox as it is a very good browser and will allow some things to be done that Safari will not.
    I haven't used any different ones :S but i sure do like safari and firefox, only ones i've been using
    I have been using chrome for a few months now, it took me a while to kick the IE habit as i have been using it since 1993!
    chrome is so much faster ;-)

    Hi Grit! :)
    I just love Chrome.
    I used to work with firefox but Chrome is sooo much faster and simple. It also loads in a blink of an eye.

    All the recent browsers are great (ie-9, FF4), but Chrome is still ahead in my opinion.

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