what is the full meaning of esq.

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    1. A man or boy who is a member of the gentry in England ranking directly below a knight.
    2. Abbr. Esq. Used as an honorific usually in its abbreviated form, especially after the name of an attorney or a consular officer: Jane Doe, Esq.; John Doe, Esq.
    3. In medieval times, a candidate for knighthood who served a knight as an attendant and a shield bearer.
    4. Archaic An English country gentleman; a squire.

    It dates back to the days when a man who had no higher title was addressed that way. (They may have been in the service of a Knight.)

    Now it simply sometimes replaces "Mr", being placed after a man's full name... possibly because the writer is unsure if the man should be addressed in a different way, such as The Very Reverend" or "Sir XXXXX XXXXX", because it is company policy, or nothing but showing off.

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