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    I am getting 2 new pomeranians... my family has just been lost with out ours. Here is the question.... we never crated (left animals in a craete when we are out or sleeping)before what are the pros and cons?

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    I am so happy for you. Creates are great to pit them in there to help teach them to be house broken and at night when you are asleep. You can wen them off in 6-9 months when there have learned right from wrong Yea, Jenn!

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    Crating is fine. Worked very well for our Jack/Rat Terrier mix and he's quite the handful! He's now almost 8 mos. old and goes into his crate by himself each night for sleep!

    I tried the crate for the first time when i got eddie, my jack russell.
    He seemed like he knew right away it was his house. He would pull the door open to go inside if I gave him a treat so he could eat it in the crate. I never locked the latch until one day i knew i would be gone most of the day and in the past if he was alone for 1 hour or more he would crap and pee on the rug. When i returned after about 5 hrs he was still inside but he bent the iron bars alot. Even i cant bend them but he did, he lost 1 tooth doing it too.
    Since then i no longer lock it

    In my opinion crates are fine. We've done it with all of our dogs when they were pups. You'll have the night whining from your pups in the beginning but I found that if you put something with your scent on it in the crate with them (like a sock) they'll feel a little more secure. Congrats on your new additions. Of course you have to send pics now! :)


    I'm not sure either but some others have been doing it well so we'll have to ask them.


    lol I dont know how...

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