Is it too soon to get a new puppy?

    i know many of you know I lost my baby girl (pomeranian) a few days ago... I miss hearing those tiny footsteps.. My Othe dog (jack Russle) is moping. I am lonely. There are many other thing going on in our lives right now. and Sookie was always such a comfort.... Like holding a baby. Is it too soon to fall in love with a new puppy?

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    Jenn my's never too early to get another puppy! It will give you and your other dog great comfort and companionship not to mention the absolute fun a puppy is. By the way I have a Jack Russel/rat terrier myself. Aren't they great? So-o-o smart too! I read your post concerning the passing of your pom. I felt really bad for you. A new pup will cheer you up if you have the time for raising her or her. (:



    Only you can know for sure Jenn. I'm a firm believer in our fury friends pick us, we do not pick them. If you're not sure now, take the time to think. Perhaps during that time (if it's meant to be), your new furry friend will find you and then you will have your answer ; )


    YEs Logan My Jack Rissle is briliant. And LOYAL! My dad has bread them for over 40 yrs... She is the very last one of her line... They have all been so calm and well mannered. I am going tomorrow to meet some of sookies brother and sisters. They may need a home.

    You go right ahead and get a new puppy Jenn. A new pup can help take ur mind off of thinking about Sookie.
    BTW When I lost my 'mans best friend' LUKE , my cousin breeds jack russells and gave me a puppy.
    His name is eddie and he is a very smart jack russell. And a very hyper dog, always running around and wants to play 24/7


    Logan, my jack Russle is the last in a 40 year liniage my dad has breed. She is 13. So sweet and gentle. She only gets worked up if it is going to storm. I am going to look at puppies tomorrow. They are Sookies brothers and sisters. I hope we find a good fit.

    Only you can know for sure Jenn. I'm a firm believer that our fury friends pick us, we do not pick them. If you're not sure now, take the time to think. Perhaps during that time (if it's meant to be), your new furry friend will find you and then you will have your answer ; )



    I saw you have a 13 year old dog. Be sure a puppy won't be too much for her. She's also gone through a loss and may not be ready for all that energy a puppy has.



    Then she should be happy to get a new buddy. My fox terrier lived to be 22 years old. Had she not gotten an inoperable tumor on her kidney, she might have lived longer. My vet use to show her off to other vets because she was so young in actions and looks you'd never guess her age. The breeds are similar so high hopes your Jack Russell will live just as long as my dog did. Good luck and I hope you find the furry baby you want : )


    I contacted the lady we got Sookie from there may be a need for other puppy of hers to find a forever home... :)


    SHe is an extremley young 13 yr old.. Sookie was her puppy too. She is so sad without her... Sookie really was still a puppy at only 2.

    If you were replacing a spouse, it's probably a tact less move on your part. 

    No, it is not too early to get a new puppy. Though none will ever take the place of the beloved one you lost, it will help heal and give you some laughter watching the new puppy and teaching it. So I say go for it. And I being a great animal lover truly know what it is like to lose a beloved pet and I am truly very very sorry for your loss. You might also think of planting a beautiful tree or rose bush in memory of your beloved pet too. Just a thought.....

    No it's never to soon.Once you see that cute little will help heal the hurt.

    Jen go out and find the perfect dog that will bring you so much happiness as your last. Now Jenn I have voted up a lot of your answers but, want you to read the question and my answer on anxiety. I was a sales rep for a major pharmaceutical co. and have a lot of knowledge on the drugs in that field and I am concerned about you. It will give you hope and hopefully knowledge. Take care of your self. Here is another thumbs up for you sweet heart

    It is time! You both will feel better with someone new to care about.

    Never to early. One of God's greatest gifts are our four legged friends. They are surrogate children and fill voids that even humans cannot fill. Dog spelled backwards spells - God! Dogs are one of His best creations.

    Enjoy them while you can.

    Jenn, I've always been a dog person. I grew up with big old Golden Retrievers and I have one of my own now. I know the pain of losing a beloved pet and getting a new puppy won't replace your former dog but it definitely helps fill the void in your heart and home. Not too soon! Go out a find a little pup and enjoy your great new friend. Let us know what you got.


    I love it "being all about me"! Ha ha. Just relaxing watch some NCAA hoops while chatting with you all! Very cool getting wishes from all over the world!

    ole hipster

    The birthday boy is back on line!! How's your one day per year personally special day going thus far? Hope it's really great and filled with fun and love! (:

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