why should someone be incarcerated for taking someone's life?

    Does anyone have any quotes to back this up? Need help with my studies right now. Please help!

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    Yellowribbon.. If a murderer took your momma's life and your brother while you watched.. What do you think just punishment should be?? Do you think this murderer of your loved ones should get 3 good meals per day, movies on saturday night, internet service, cool snacks at night and a TV in his room, clean sheets and fluffy pillows for the rest of his life, and at taxpayer's expense??

    This person (murderer) wants to be in prison because its a better life than he had on the streets, no worries, free health care too!

    Sorry, I have no pity for this person, I say execute him as soon and as cheaply as possible. Also, once the word gets out that if you kill, you will be killed, I would think violent murders would almost cease to exist.. (eye for an eye--tooth for a tooth)

    Yeah,thumbs up to that reply.Although I think it's proven that the death penalty is not a deterant to murder.

    That's why I said 'almost cease to exist'-- Thanks!! :)

    It would be better the death penalty were carried out sooner than 20-30 years later. 2-3 yrs should be the longest with all the new DNA knowledge we no have.
    Would you rather they just run around free?
    it's called murder............the unlawful killing of a human being.
    I see your studies are not coming along to well I would think a F- could be all that you would hope for.

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