Can not get sound on my computer...Help

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    I live in the "almost" dark ages of computors and the answers given above are correct especialy the one by the incrediably talented Colleen. I would add on my desk top (desk top? ha ha hee hee, stop bloody laughing Colleen) as I was saying on my desk top on the bottom centre of the monitor (shut up Colleen) are a series of buttons the last two on the right are volume up and volume down. God Colleen there are times I want to reach through the screen and wring you neck. At least I have stopped using the white out for mistakes.
    Go to start button > control panel > sounds and audio devices > make sure mute is unchecked, speakers are on and volume slide is up.
    "I would add on my desk top (desk top? ha ha hee hee, stop bloody laughing Colleen"

    OMG! I truly was snickering a little at "desk top" LOL They're just sooo....yesterday! hehehe

    "At least I have stopped using the white out for mistakes"


    ....and no, I will not shut up.....neither will I stop laughing...pmsl
    check the mute button, if you havent already

    where it is? I have the same problem

    @ rare, read what I wrote up there ^^ you can find the mute button that way. Or look at your bottom tool bar and see the speaker icon, click on it and you should find mute there also.
    there should be a 'sound' button on the bottom of your screen.(desktop) click on it an check the strength of your sound. otherwise, check your connections. the connection may have been disconnected.
    The reason may be lack of drivers for sound card. You can verify this by going to the properties of "My computer", then find Device Manager. There you can find Sound devices, where you should check that drives are available

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