is the tv series"Brothers and Sisters"still in production?

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    Apparently it is still in production.

    ABC Says Brothers and Sisters Isn't Cancelled… Yet
    Kat Angus,
    May 2, 2011

    Don’t begin mourning Brothers & Sisters just yet – despite reports otherwise, TV Line reveals the ABC drama hasn’t been cancelled yet.

    Rumours of the show’s demise began over the weekend, when star Rachel Griffiths seemed to reveal that Brothers & Sisters had been given the axe.

    “I’m soon to be unemployed,” she said at Australia’s Logie Awards Saturday, joking that she’ll have to go on welfare.

    But a spokesperson for ABC told TV Line today that people shouldn’t read too much into Griffiths’ comments.

    “No decision has been made,” the spokesperson said.

    Still, that’s not the most reassuring response about Brothers & Sisters’ future, so fans probably shouldn’t celebrate just yet. ABC will reveal its fall schedule the week of May 16, and TV Line’s insiders say Brothers & Sisters is definitely in danger of getting cancelled.

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