what, no questions about osama bin ladin?

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    There are quite a few questions and threads about him.

    Click here to see the list.
    some people havent heard the good news
    And, we're shown a photo of a bloodstain on a timber floor and told one of this fictitious character's wives was used as a human shield. The fairy tale just keeps getting bigger and stupider!

    From one who believes in a book written by dead men who can not be questioned or have their mental status's examined.
    If he was real why would the US government have his body "dumped at sea"????? Because there is NO body, NO bin ladin.

    Yep ... I figure that by now the body is gone ... and the fish are a little fatter.
    Even those who have heard the "Good News" of salvation only through the person of Jesus Christ (His death and resurrection to buy us back from satan) believe all this bin ladin propoganda and any other lies they are fed by the 'bought and paid for' press. It really is frightening.

    You religious fanatics are at times more frightening than the the mid east extremists.
    "Osama bin Ladin" is a figment of the US governments imagination, someone to pin the blame for the twin towers on. The twin towers were brought down by IMPLOSIONS NOT fire etc There were charges set and detonated all throughout the metal framework of those buildings and the implosions are as plain to see as the nose on anyone's face (save bin Ladin as he doesn't even exist). The ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT aims to rule by fear and intimidation and what better way than by terrorism. The trouble is we are being terrorised by our own governments who are all in collusion with the ONe World Government which emanates from Rome. Load of codswallop fed to a gullible and ignorant multitude. Turn to the one true God Almighty through His son Jesus Christ and be saved once for all and you will never know fear or uncertainty again.

    How does that conspiracy theory explain all the bombings he ordered for England?

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