Sick tny pomeranian Dog

    my vet can not see my 4 lbs pomeranian until late this afternoon. She is lathargic and vomiting. This started yesterday. She had a slimmy b/m late late night. What do I do until she can see the vet?

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    I hope all goes good with Sookie. I will keep her in my prayers.


    Thank you Banks you are the best. I really needed that.. She is my baby. I hope no one actually thinks I was neglecting her. I will be up all night monitoring her. I will keep you posted.


    She is has been on IV all day... I still cant bring her home... But this are looking a little better.


    She passed away today... I am heart broken.


    I am so sorry. We have had poms and they are special little people.


    I am so sorry to hear that jenn. I know its hard to lose a friend like her. If u need to talk to someone just let me know. I will say a prayer for Sookie right now.

    Nothing is wrong with me the vets could not see her. I was sitting in the parking lot at the vets office... I am in a rural area the other vet is out of town. She was put on an IV... she has pancreatious. Home now I am giving pain meds im and iv tonight. She will be back on antibiotics and fliuds at 8 tomorrow morning.
    Thanks for your concern. Keep her in your thoughts... her name is Sookie.

    She has had all of her shots... she is 2 years old. We had her kenneled for the first time in someones home on sat night.

    she will become dehydrated soon, get her to a vet and stop wasting time here. whats wrong with you.

    get to another vet now, sound like parvo, did you get the little dog a parvo shot, get to a vet now every minute matters with parvo.


    dang vets are all at lunch... what the crap????

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