what could you infer about the area where you could find a pectin fossil

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    You could come to the conclusion that the area has been under water.
    Fossils in Idaho - Welcome to the Idaho Museum of Natural History
    ... are the scaphopod Dentalium, the pectin ... Lost River Range are the best areas for finding Permian fossils ... Pliocene Blacan locality in the world. The area has ... - Cached
    St Lucia World Heritage Site
    ... well as the adjacent coastal areas was declared a world ... You will find fossils, pectin clams and ... - Cached
    Fossil collecting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    * Process|
    * Collecting...|
    * Societies and...|
    * Notable...
    Fossils are not to be found in areas of igneous rock (except in some ... rock strata, the location of the find, and other fossil ... in Europe and the rest of the World; Fossil ... - Cached
    Areas In The World To Find Pectin Fossils - Video Results
    Play Videofossil hunting in dorset Play VideoOld Timers Mine, Coober Pedy Play VideoThe Truth About Recycling | ZapRoot
    Fossil News Back Issues
    ... 3/01); Rainbow area fossils (3/01); 2 ... Raptor Pack (8/04); A Guide to the Fossil Footprints of the World (9 ... Event (2/07); The Tucson Show (3/07); Fossil Find ... - Cached
    6. - Where can you find dinosaur fossils
    Dinosaurs question: Where can you find dinosaur fossils? The most ... has fee digs. And most coast lines you can find Bi-valve fossils and Gastropods. ALL AROUND THE WORLD - Cached
    Fossil - New World Encyclopedia
    ... soft bodied organisms living in localized areas and ... The best rocks in which to find these fossils preserved are clay ... New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote ... - Cached
    fossils - ARE Crystals
    So this fossil area is unique, compared to the entire ... of the riches deposits of well preserved fossils in the world! ... Types of fish you will find in most abundance ... - Cached
    Fossils and Fossilization: World of Earth Science
    Fossils and Fossilization: World of Earth ... and the finding of a large, complete vertebrate fossil ... of inland areas could result in unusual collections of fossil ... - Cached
    Everything Fossils...Fossil Information for Education ...
    Facts on Fossils - Extremes in the Fossil World Read through these Fun facts on fossils and find the biggest, oldest, longest fossils ever found! - Cached
    DISCOVERING FOSSILS | What is a fossil? How do fossils form?
    Fossils occur commonly around the world although just a small proportion of ... volume of sediment is deposited in the area ... and educational experience for all. To find ... - Cached

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    Maybe that there was fruit growing there at some point in time?

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