Is it el ayuda or la ayuda?

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    Very true Papitou. I agree with you and Gary perhaps the question should have been more specific by using it in a sentence that we all could have answered correctly and by doing so put this matter to rest.
    I wouldn't have thought such a simple question would spark such controversy.
    La ayuda
    AYUDA IS SECOND PERSON TENSE FROM THE VERB 'AYUDAR' .......el translates to he, la translates to she. El ayuda el hombre. "he helps the man" OR la ayuda la muchacha..........."she helps the girl"

    Gary, la ayuda is help, ayuda without an article is, yes, 2nd person masculine. But it is "El ayuda al hombre." "Al" not "el".

    And it would be "Ella ayuda a la muchacha."

    see above....I have typed "EL' not "AL"

    Exactly that is your problem. It is "El ayuda AL hombre."
    I understand that ayuda is a feminine noun but in most cases when this word is used Gary there is no need to use either gender. As for a Spanish lesson el is always used when referring to the male and la is always used in reference to a female. Your examples indicate which gender is being helped or doing the helping. If we are to accept your explanation to the question then the answer is both.

    "El" is "he" and "ella" is "she".

    I goofed on "la", papitou. ella is correct when used the way I did above. but, the person asking didn't refer to the verb itself, or to the noun. therefore I assumed "verb".
    Ayuda means "HELP" in Spanish. There is no gender preference needed. Neither el nor la is necessary.

    Wrong, marci. Help in spanish is feminine. It is la ayuda. The correct article is "la".

    incorrect papitou. ayuda is not masculine or feminine. the verb itself does not have a gender. (see my remarks elseware)

    Gary, very sorry, I am a native spanish speaker. It is la ayuda. It is feminine.

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