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    Would you like to see a chat option on this site?

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Add it to the suggestion (questions) going to akaQA there is 4 days left.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Jenn what a great thought, will pass it on. Thumbs up.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    I passed it on today. Here is a thumbs up for your suggestion if I did not already vote for this question.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    I already gave the 1 thumbs up on this question. I got you just might not be till tomorrow b/c I am -5 votes for today meaning I get 5 less votes tomorrow.

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    I think it would be good, provided everyone could get along, friendly debates, nothing heated. We have some people on this site that likes to keep HEATED debates going and really it is uncalled for. Supposed to be adults, but some act worse than kids.


    <a href="/users/779/jenn/">@Jenn</a> - Thank you, my friend!!!


    I thik it would be nice to talk to the real ppl on this site... Pam, raider, spaceghost and serveral others are great.


    Aww that is the sweetest! TY Spaceghost.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Thumbs up for you Spaceghost. My answer is last b/c I just left it. Worried about Jenn.


    Thanks Jenn, you are so right, Jenn, Pam, Raider and a couple of others on here are really good people and I consider you all MY FRIENDS.


    Hey thanks my friend, as usual you come through for us. What's wrong with Jenn? I'm concerned.

    You should suggest that on the the website question, they are taking suggestions, good idea.

    Yes chatting would be very nice

    Yes. I'd like to see that.

    Jenn I have voted up a lot of your answers but, want you to read the question and my answer on anxiety. I was a sales rep for a major pharmaceutical co. and have a lot of knowledge on the drugs in that field and I am concerned about you. It will give you hope and hopefully knowledge. Take care of your self. Here is another thumbs up for you sweet heart.


    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> - Thanks, for looking out for Jenn's well-being!!!


    You are really a GOOD friend.

    That way I can say things like "I'm hittin the hay"

    Strength be to the tsunami fighters.

    @ matheneyg, I created a chat site for everyone to use. No one seems to use it though. Guess you'd need to let people know you're there and available to chat. Would probably mean posting on a thread like this one that you are in chat.

    This is the link to the chat room (it is not moderated):

    Disclaimer...I am in no way trying to step on the toes of the admins here.

    I've set up a chat room for those who are interested. I thought we should at least give it a try and see how having live chat works out before they go through the bother of adding one to this site only to find out no one likes it after a while. This chat has all the features I think you'll want. You will have to book mark the chat or save the link or just come back here to get the link as it's not tied into this forum. Yes, it does offer block user so if you do not like what someone is saying, you can block them (right click on their name in the members list and select "ignore"). This only blocks them for you, it does not block them from the rest of the members in the room. There is also the option for private chat. You can talk one on one privately on an issue you may have with one another.

    So see how you all like live chat and then decide if you really want them to integrate it into this forum

    Chat room link NOTE: Hold down on the SHIFT key on your keyboard then click the link. This will open the chat on a new page so you don't loose the forum.

    The problem with live chats is there's no moderation unless someone is sitting right there watching chat and removing extremely offensive people. There's already a problem with people posting offensive topics. What if they brought vulgar comments into chat? What would you do? How would you handle it if no one was around to remove them? Just a something to think about.



    That's true Jenn. It's been so long since I've been on a live chat that I had forgotten about that. So carry on, ignore my comment, lol


    You can block chat with ppl.

    Yes I think that would be great idea....

    I don't know...seems like the live chat would take away something from the format of this site...I would vote no if it comes to it is now we have to think and search for former questions, comments, etc. I would much rather prefer that we get a notification when there is a comment or answer posted on my own it would be nice to have a listing that popped up when we logged in that would tell us whoever else might be online at the same time frame. Ya' know how people are...I tend to look for the people I have corresponded with & have a particular afinity for & vice versa if one gets a bad mojo feeling from an answer or comment to whatever you yourself may have stated...we are all vulnerable...let us just spread the love on our site. Good night to everyone...this old broad is going to lie down & hoping to get into a pleasant dreamland & hope the same goes right for your night!



    I have to agree with you hipster. What you worry about has happened on other sites. That's why I opened the chat room so they could see for themselves before a live chat got installed on this forum.

    Just as long as it wouldn't veer towards "clique" stature...would be fine with me and would be useful for being able to make comments specific to the one individual you wanted to comment to in the first place.

    Good idea but what if a couple of people (no-one specific) started chatting about and 'blocking' those wanting to ask or answer questions? This is Q&A not Q&AChat!



    They could only block those people for themselves. They could not block them from everyone.

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