HP Photosmart Premium won't print

    5 item in queue, but not printing. HP Solution Center says printer offline, butcontrol panel says online.

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    3 Answers

    Check your cable, make sure it's not loose or bad.
    Also, your printer might be plugged into a partially non-functioning outlet. Plug it into another outlet. If you need to do so, use an electrical extension cord to another outlet. Hope that helps!
    Turn off the Printer. Unplug it from the wall for about a minute. Plug it back into the wall. Turn on the printer, and go into HP utility or HP setup assistant. Look for the printer queue. Delete any additional copies of the same item. Click on the Pause button to make it turn back on. Otherwise, go to and look for the "Support" portion of their website, and ask you question. If that is not available, then look for the "Q & A" area to see if they have an answer to a question like yours.

    Also, sometimes you need to reload you drivers from your original CD for the printer. If you do not have this, look in your files and see if you can find the original software and reload it. Hope this helps!

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