Why my 4 years old daughter nose bleed when she's asleep all the time?

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    My daughter had this, especially in cold dry climates, and in heated and air conditioned places. It happens when she's laying down because of gravity. Our doctor suggested we try a little Vaseline on a Q-tip, gently applying the Vaseline to the inside of the first one inch of the inside of the nose. We explained the reason to our daughter and with encouragement she used the Q-Tip while we supervised and there was no hassle or fuss. I hope this helps, and that your daughter's nose bleeds stop soon. My daughter outgrew her night-time nose bleeds. I hope yours does too.

    Vaseline is a good recommendation too!!!
    Dry air, get her checked out by a doctor.
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    My grandson has chronic asthma, and he has bad nose bleeds a night while sleeping. One of the doctor's recommendation was using a humidifier to help keep moisture in the air. A great help for his asthma and nose bleeds.
    ed shank

    Both my son and I suffered from nosebleeds at night, the humidifier did the trick.

    Absolutely! A Godsend!!!

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