Tell it like it is?????

    Do you respect some one for telling it like it is, or do you think they are rude.

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    Depends on the situation sometimes you need to let people know how you feel and sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut, it takes wisdom to know the difference.


    I dont think you should blurt out everything that hits you brian. But do you think that it is better to to give a direct answer or hedge around. Keep in mind direct can be tactfull.

    Their telling it as they see it, which may not be how it was intended. Always consider the source of the criticism.

    It is not always criticism ... Some times it is just No i dont want you... But instead you get... well I dont know.
    Whether I agree with them or not, I respect the fact that people say what they think. That type of attitude usually commands respect.TMO

    Well that would all be a matter of opinion really. But as for me I always want to know the truth and not sugar-coated, just my thoughts though.

    Straight up I would have more respect for someone who is honest as long as they are not intentionally trying to hurt you by telling you the truth. I might not totally respect him but, I nearly always prefer the truth even if it hurts.

    A person makes a lame statement and another person sets them in their place is not rude, its just stating the facts. If someone 'tells me like it is' I will listen, I might learn something. However, being told how it is in the presence of friends can be embarrassing and rude and will sometimes incite an argument where there are no winners. some people are outspoken. I have been accused of this, I have no problem stating my opinion. However, I do respect the this persons opinion and will hold to myself..

    Itry to speak my ming in a nurturing way however the truth is waht it is and Idont find the need to beat around the bush.
    if i wanted somthing sugar coated id buy a doughnut!

    the truth will set you free, never volunteer unless asked.

    Chemtrail the roaches.

    It all depends on the question and what can result from the statement being said. If it will hurt someone by what you say, then , NO its not good to 'tell it like it is '

    I prefer people to be honest, I don't mind if their beliefs are different to mine as long as they are honest. I like smart, I don't like smart ass. unless it is a joke. Personal attacks just piss me off.

    you will always wantto know the truth no matter how much it hurts

    It also depends upon whether you asked them for an opinion.
    Then they should answer you (though tactfully) with the
    full, blunt, frank truth.

    Not so good for someone to just, because they feel like it,
    start telling you your faults................UNLESS you are
    in a very serious relationship (marriage, parent, child, etc)
    then,if the relationship is suffering, best they tell you
    bluntly what you're doing that upsets them, even if you
    have not asked.

    Tell it like it is. Never lie to spare someone feelings. As inconsiderate as it sounds I know that honesty is the best policy with out exception. If an individual's feelings are hurt because of a truthful statement then they need to learn how to deal with that.

    the truth is always nice as long as it is said nicely

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