survival rates of severe head trauma

    a friend was recently in a motorcycle accident.he suffered top skull impact and is in a coma.they removed a portion of his skull to relieve pressure.we know he has brain damage.can he survive and live a reasonably normal life or is that a pipe dream

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    I'm so sorry for your friend.  I know this questions is 2 months old, but maybe you will still be searching for answers.  I found this on the internet.  It doesn't give very good statistics but I think it's better to know the truth than to hide.  I truly hope your friend has survived and is doing well.


    <font size="4">What is the survival rate for traumatic brain injury?</font>
    Each year over 50,000 Americans die from traumatic brain injuries. About 1 million people are treated and released from hospital emergency departments. 230,000 people survive after hospitalization, and 50,000, or twenty-two percent of individuals who sustain a TBI, die from their injuries. The outcome of TBI differs greatly with cause: 91% of firearm-related TBIs ended in death, yet only 11% of fall-related TBIs end fatally.


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