if a have a cell phone whose contract has expired, can I still use the phone to call 911?

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    In Australia YES.
    mass. is free if your phone is shut off $2.00if your service is on ..crazy
    Depends upon where you live I think. I know I have a so-called "Obama" phone and can do that on mine. Also have an AT&T phone with contract that charges me $2.50 a pop for any 911 calls in the state of Illinois, city of Chicago. Lots of folks not from this area find that hard to believe as do I!

    get off the political rhetoric. The answer is YES. Emergency number is NOT BLOCKED like your head.
    They'd have a helluva time trying to collect anything from me. I've a Tracfone and it's paid in advance for a year.

    As long as your phone is not SIM- or network-locked, then yes, you can .Most probably the phone will be locked to networks when the contract ends.. you have to get your phone unlocked from any vendors online like to make calls from it..

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