About Alice....

    Alice is a pitbull...

    Alice lives in Toombs County, Georgia. She has lived in a box all her life. She is now six years old. She has never known the joy of running free or rolling in the grass. All she knows of the outside world is what she can see between the wooden slats of her box. She has never known the warmth of human love or animal companionship. She has lived a box.

    Southern Comfort, a reputable rescue group, is working to rescue Alice from her miserable existance, but has been met only by resentment and resistance from the authorities in Toombs County. The local magistrate even warned that if charges were filed, he would throw them out! Evidently, the officials in Toombs County don't care whether animals are abused and neglected in their county. They don't care about Alice.

    See Alice the dog in a box or So Co Rescue on Facebook...

    Do you think this fight is worth the effort?

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    Hey Jenn do not give up! My response is last right now and I am giving you a Thumbs up for a great question, If my answer makes some sense I would appreciate the same. This is a good cause!

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    All animals have the same rights as humans; all efforts should be made to rescue Alice, and the owners should be put in a cage for the rest of their lives.

    At this piont cops are patrolling... this is a worls wide concern... ppl have tried


    I am so sorry there has got to be a rescue organization that would intercede? Looks to me like there would be laws against what they are doing to Alice I do not understand.

    If it were me and the whole county system is that way and acting that way I would find a time where I could take Alice box and all and find her a good home when no one could see me, maybe that is not the right way but if they are acting that way it seems like the only answer to saving Alice?


    Yes, there are many Pitbulls who are friendly and non=aggressive. Talk to the owner and put signs out for a beautiful pitbull who needs love. Call the paper up and tell them how inhuman this poor animal is being treated. This doesn't have to good to a court, if the animal control Department finds this dog being mistreated like it is, they can fine the owner and if the situation has not been corrected they can remove the animal. There has to be more than 1 county magistrate who could hear the case objectively. Film the dog in this wooden box every day to gather ammunition on the cruel way this dog is being treated! Do not give up!

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