what is an unsafe or unhealthy relationship?

    im in an relationship but i wanna know if its healthy or sfe or not so im askin this so comon help me

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    Does your partner have a temper and own a gun? This is an unsafe relationship...

    To me, an unhealthy relationship is one in which you don't respect one another. Do you really like the other person (I'm not talking about lust here)? When you weigh their good qualities against the bad and the bad ones are greater in quantity, then that is not a good relationship imho.

    I'm with you Ms. S. Some people don't see it and stay in those type of relationships. Go figure!
    A relationship where one person doesn't respect the other.
    your not giving any thing to go on whatsoever, need a lot more detail than that if you are really serious. if its dangerous get out now,unhealty needs more elaberation
    If you need to ask probably not healthy.
    I would say the women that marry inmates on death row.
    Just doesn't seem like a winning combination to me. :)
    I didn't see your remarks after your question when I answered you before. I agree with daren 1. If you feel that you are not safe, LEAVE NOW. Things will only get worse, not better, no matter what excuses or apologies your partner comes up with.

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