rip currents in a shallow lake, hot weather and a breeze

    Today was a "fishing" day for myself and two friends. No drinking allowed. Went to Lake Woodruff, Volusia Co., FL. Stopped to cut weeds off propeller. When I started the motor, a couple seconds after, there was a heck of a comotion in the water. 6" to 1 ft waves, about as wide as the boat is long came rushing by us quite fast. It terrified me. I said what the H... was that. Then smaller waves came back by as if the first one had turned around and headed back in somewhat the same direction that it had come by in the first place. I swore and sat down and somebody tell me what that was. I arrived w/ the boat back home at 7:00. It's now 8:00.

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    could have been a gator grabbed an animal and was shaking it or doing the death roll, which could have caused some big waves.
    must have been the wake from another boat. There are under- tows in big lakes, like Lake Michigan. It's dangerous to wade out into the water, if the sign says " Under tow "
    No rip currents in lakes, only the ocean. Must have been one heck of a large fish!

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