Info on my akaQA profile

    It is all wrong how do i change it?

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    To Jenn a very straight up but kind person. T.Up for you as well.

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    Jen, I'm stumbling along trying to put visual stuff on my answers. You got the ink spot. I've gone to google and have a hard time trying to find good pictures like other people have. 


    I searched Paw prints on an image search... This is the one I liked best... I have been looking for a picture of me that is from this year.... No luck... So the ink spot will have to do.... If this is a picture of you... you are adorable... Dont change a thing!

    Thank you, Jenn. The photo is of me in June 2011. I've aged considerably since then.
    I have a camera on my computer. Come on over and you can take pictures of you. : ) When my grandkids come over we take fun-house pictures and laugh and laugh. They'd rather play with that than anything else. (they are 4 & 6)
    I want to find cartoons to put with my answers and learn how to do it with ease.

    In your profile page click on "User tools" and then pick edit profile. Good luck.


    can I change my gravatar?


    Yes after entering edit profile mode click on the link that says gravatar.


    Jenn, your gravatar looks a bit like the spot i accidentally got on my friend's camel hair coat back in high school. MEMORABLE.

    To Volcane the most knowledge able on the site? Hey what are the 2 diamonds next to your name. I had one once. Thumbs up for you partner.

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