Did I do the right thing?

    Every morning I send out a blanket txt to wish my brothers, nieces, nephews, and very close friends a happy day. My husbands, (for lack of a better word) estranged brother was recently added to the list. I thought if he knew we cared about him he might come around. Today this brother called my husband and told him I am causing problems in his marriage. That I should not txt him again. Honestly I am crushed.

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    Oh my. Sounds like his wife probably found that message and got to the wrong conclusion.
    I think it's a wonderful gesture, wish I had someone who would greet me every morning but we can't always predict the outcome of our doings.
    I guess the solution is quite simple - call her and explain and stop sending him messages.

    she has already baned him from seing his own kids.(they were causing problems in thier marraige too) That is why I added him to the list. I thought he should know that we all still care... even if we dont understand his choices. I dont think she would talk to me if I tried. I am going to take him off the list.

    Sorry to hear that.. there's not much that you can do is there.

    sometimes its better to suffer in silence,good on u for trying,let em get on with it,

    every morning is a bit much though even i would get worried if there was no healthy relationship ...sutle is good bombaring and pushing it on to someone only ends in tears, once a month or omthing say hi just thinking of you hope everything is ok love ya

    Unfortunately that is their "shit" and good on you for trying and I m sure those around you that love you know you meant well, perhaps this is a sign though that you need to keep a distance whilst this controlling is going on. Best for your sake to just sit back and watch it all unfold, and perhaps not get involved in their messed up head space hun :-)

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