Why do cat "scream" when they are mating?

    This is a serious question. Last night I thought my cat was being attacked. She was 'with' another cat. Should I be concerned?

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    Nevermind I looked it up.. AND it aint pretty.


    Come on, share it with us.


    Are you going to post the cat research, just wondering? Thumbs up on the question. Interesting, very interesting...

    because a male cat's penis has small thorns all over it


    that's what I was going to say . A lady who lived next door to me told me that.......she said she was glad she got her female cat fixed, so she wouldn't have to go thru that.

    Get your cat fixed and you won't have to worry about it anymore. There are too many unwanted cats as it is.


    She was due to be fixed in a lil over a month she was too young when we first got her... I agree fix everything in the house... even husbands

    its because the male cats penis is barbed


    that's true

    Female cats[ called Queens] are induced ovulators the male cat penis has barbs on it .This is what causes ovulation in the Queen it also hurts the Queen but cats are ferociously driven to mate


    Oh my.....

    amen to spaying and neutering--highly recommended-too many unwanted and abandoned little kiity cats-people use your head the cat cant--see your local humane society they give discounts on the neutering-your kitty will be a much better pet--and you'll do a service for the cat world--don't worry tere will be plenty more left-just visit your local humane society-in fact pick up a kitty while you are my kitty-name suuu chee-shes part burmese

    I reckon it is a mating thing to all forms of life..imo..:):):)>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Well thats sorted I am definatly not coming back as a cat!!

    You really only need to worry when and if she turns up pregnant.

    Never mind my wife never answered either

    Yes, it's mating season again! Our cat is fixed but she still likes to hang with the kitties from our hood. I think she watches!!! Anyway, back to you being concerned, You might be a "Cat Grandma" soon, get your little sweetie pie fixed! Sweet Kitty Dreams.

    you really need to get your cat fixed just look around you will find abandon kittys everywhere and its just heartbreaking even if you give the kittens to humane society for adoption they just don't find homes for all of them. anyway why are you letting her out before getting her fixed?

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