Is there more boys than girls in the world

    i myself have been asking everyone and myself is there more girls or boys in this world i know that children and babies are being born every 5 - 10 minutes so it is very complicated but i am writing to say how many girls and boys was there in 2010 and i hope all of the followers who accept the way i speak reply and use the response in a responsible manner God Bless. Amber

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    Amber in general there are approximately 103 females born to every 100 males. However, China and Cuba have a ratio of 120 males to every 100 woman. This is done by forcing mothers to under go mandatory abortions of female babies. And how screwed up this is, huh! Amber I hope this answer helps.


    what happens when a baby is born then what are the numbers? HA

    USA = 51% boy and 49% girl to be born

    nobody can answer that question because every 10 seconds a new baby is born so every 10 secs it changes.

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