at what age is it inappropriate to shower with your child

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    It depends on the sex of the parent, the sex of the child, and commonsense.

    A boy will tell Dad, one way or another, when he wants to be independent. Open showers at swimming pools and gyms mean that is about the only guide, and the same applies to girls with Mum.

    When it comes to a child of the opposite sex carmaxable is on the right lines. Little girls should not be encouraged to take too much interest in an adult male... being bathed with a brother close in age can be left longer with either parent supervising.

    Boys and mums are more difficult... mainly because mums have the care of small boys more. If they become a nuisance it's time to stop and use the bath so she can stay fully dressed... but do remember if mums take children swimming alone they simply can't, safely, allow a young boy to use a male changing room alone, so when you're teaching manners in general do remember to explain personal comments and staring at others is unacceptable.
    when your child can stand up.
    when they get curious. whats that mommy? daddy got a big weenie! that sort of stuff.
    When their asking for the KEYS TO THE CAR instead of the SOAP.

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