Can guys and girl be friends?

    My husband and I have been married for 17 years so this is not a real issue. Acctually at this point it is a little bit of a joke between us. One of us claims that guys and girls can be 'just' friends. One of us thinks that there will always be an alterial motive. Even if it is never acted apon. SO, what do you think?

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    Oh, and please let me know if you are a guy or girl so I can tell if it is a gender thing.


    Nice.... But it does have to be a part on a friendship... we can control ourselves. And ther eis not ALWAYS a hidden agenda.

    Zig Zag

    FIRST you want to know im am a man and ya sure i believe men and women can get a long fine but sex sure help dont ya think


    Very GOOD question Jenn.

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    Thumbs up on your question Jenn, I will only speak out of my personal experience on this one. Family or distant relatives excluded of course.

    Most of the platonic friendships with women I have experienced has been with attractive ones, or possibly women who have been attracted to me, so on the one hand for the most part, this is a major factor in the guy/gal relationships in my life.

    On the other hand I have enjoyed one long standing relationship with a woman (who originally had a crush on me), but I have never found her attractive. We have been great friends for about twenty years, and are close enough to tell each other anything. She is a beautiful person on the inside and that's the most important ingredient to a long lasting friendship in my opinion.

    I have had other good friendships with women who were coworkers at any given point of my life. Some there was a mutual attraction, others there wasn't. So Yes I know from experience that you can have a friendship relationship with the opposite sex. I'm not sure how important this factor is, but I don't just jump into bed with every willing female. I like to choose my women wisely and enjoy long and healthy relationship.

    So maybe the way you practice your relationships with the opposite sex has a strong bearing on whether you can be platonic friends or not? TMO

    To me a true friend is a friend be it male or female, there does not have to be sexual attraction involved. A true friend is a true friend hard to find though, but still matters not if male or female and yes I do believe opposite sexes can be friends.

    Yes I think so,reason being I have MORE girls that are friends of mine than guys. Nothing sexual, even though the temptation may be there, you got to think, this IS going to destroy a good friendship. I've talked to many women and they told me they would rather have men friends than women. My wife and I are also really GOOD FRIENDS.

    I am the one who think we can be friends my husband swears we cant.... Which is bad because I only talk to guys.


    Well, I'm glad I could bring you back to where you should be points wise, I still have 138 votes left today...

    Anyhow congrats on the 10,000. milestone, I only voted on answers I thought were all good, so don't feel like it was a cheat, because you earned it. Your Pal, Leeroy

    Absolutley! My wife and I have been married 27 years and we have many friends of both genders but they don't replace the fact that WE are best friends.

    Of course they can....a friend is a friend no matter what gender.


    Just dont leave them alone too long!!!

    Jenn, I hope your not mad at me from yesterday, I was just trying to do something nice for you, I just noticed you haven't said anything about it to me? I didn't mean for it to be a bad thing., so sorry if it bothered you in anyway or on any level...

    I did thank you... It was prob somewhere that did not notify you... You know I love ya!!! I am blushing with joy from the thoughtfulness. THANK YOU!!! You could never hurt my feelings... Even if you disagree with me.. (which I like).

    O.k. great I'll try disagreeing with you more, Lol

    Chris Rock said it best in one of his bit's. Girls like to think that a guy can just be friends, but the truth, we guys only put up with it just in case. In other words 'break glass for penis." He say's the bit better than me.

    Do you mean best friends or just friends like facebook friends? I think being best friends is impossible between man and woman excluding married couples. To be best friends, there must be a connection and that weakens physical boundaries between two. You can call your wife a best friend, but you already sleep with her.
    If guys and Girls can't be friends , then where does that put me with the tons of girls i had for friends ever since high school begun ? wow, hope i acted appropriately, don't want to think of how many hearts i broke if what you said is true :(

    yes i have more girlfriends then men friends and my wife knows this. over the years they call me and talk about there boyfriends or husbands.. the reasons that we are close is that they know that they can ask me anything and i will give them a answer regardless if it hurts there feelings or not. just the other day one called and told me that she thinks that her bf was messing around. i ask her what he was doing and how he was acting around her. i told her what i thought.. i;m sure it hurt, but i have always said that you can get over the truth easier then you can a lie.

    Definitely can...if both of them already have a boyfriend/girlfriend :)

    Female, 24 yers

    yes they can, but if a guy or girl is not aware of themselves, then they may not know on what basis they are friends.. having said that, guy friends can love each other the same way a guy and girl can as friends, but attraction is what creates relationships. experience says.... boys and girls can never be friends ;)

    Well, I'm a girl.
    I think it is acceptable to have a guy as a friend. Until you start to see that the guy is hitting on you, but you know who you really love. So it's okay as long you know how to control yourself and your guy friend understands that you are in a relationship and respects that.

    I think that they can only be friends if they are EX lovers.

    Boy and girls can be just good friends, aspecially in bed


    No no no never. My own experience says it.

    Telling the true, I don't think so, some men and women try destroy your relationship, they don't really respect what friend means, if you know a guy try to be with cannot be your friend, any body can be friend with respect, but going out together I don't think so, you can going out with your girl not with body who have a boyfriend for me that's wrong, me I am so jealous I love my fiancee a lot, that never gonna happen, now men and women doesn't care about what friend means...

    Yes, of course. It usually works out that way, if you're willing to put at least as much, if not even more, 'into' the relationship as you're trying to get out of it. Another facet of Entropy.

    In a perfect world, yes, depends on the maturity and intentions of the opposite sex but both has to be on the same page with that. Also depends on the attraction. I don't think you can with an ex unless they are satisfied with themselves and their sex life

    Joe was my best friend since I was 16. He was actually my boyfriends, then husband and my best friend. Regardless of my personal relationships, they understood our relationship. We would go to lunch or dinner, called every week and got together whenever our schedules allowed. I've been lucky enough to have added another best "guy" friend to my life. We have been exceptional friends for 25 years. My boyfriend and I spend alot of time with him and his wife. Actually, my boyfriend walked her down the aisle for their wedding.

    I believe men and women can be best friends. It is in the way you present and involve the person in your life that makes the difference. Unfortunately Joe passed away 2 years ago and I miss him very much. I lost a part of me that day.


    I am so sorry to here that... I am only friends with guys who my husband has a relationsp with. I think that holds them accountable for their behavior. I have one friend I have had forever and my husband is very jealous of him. But he is friends with him reguardless. I have a woderful husband. But he is froever telling my Daughter and Neices the guys dont want to be their friend, they want more.

    men and women can be friends but its more challenging if they get intimate... when two friends get close, one will want to leave sooner then the other and the one left will be hurt, whereas if u'd just stayed friends this hurt would never have a chance to happen!

    It doesn't work. I'm 65, married 42 happy years and have had many girl friends over the years.
    All have ended one of two ways. This goes for "in person" and "internet" friendships. One; other people start talking about our friendship and cause problems in the relationship with my wife, or Two; the female wants more to the relationship then just friendship. I still enjoy my relationships with females, but they are at arms length (long arm.) Truely it is worth the time and effort to put all your energy into the friendship with your spouse. Then when one of you dies, there will be no regrets. Your lives will have been spent with your best friend.....and lover!


    My husband and I are most definately best friends. It is wonderful.

    No Way` too much temptation!!

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