how old do you have to be to move out with your boyfriend

    i want to move out of my parents house so i can live with my boyfriend but i'm a freshman in high school. my boyfriend on the other hand is a junior in high school. i want to move out my junior year

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    Moving in with someone is a big step. You are actually considered married after a short time. The fact that you are having issues with you parents says you are not mature enough to handle a relationship to this degree.
    Handling the relationship at home ( unless it is verbally or physicaly violent) is a testing ground for real life.
    Home is where you learn about life in the safety of your parents protection.
    It is a parents job to teach there children life skills so they are ready to move out.
    If you have issues with your parents then you as a adult( which I think you think you are ) should be able to take a good look at the situation and see if it is your attitude that is making things difficult at home.
    Dating some one is suppose to be fun. High school is supose to be fun.
    Real life is full of bills and and can be stressfull.
    Make a budget and see if you can afford the lifestyle. That includes health insurance and apartment insurance. Food, dental etc.
    I hope you look at this with maturity.
    Good Luck
    Oh dear...DON'T!....and ask your parents.
    Please dont move in with any boy, until you two comitted to each other by marriage. I know it became very normal now days that people just move in for while to find out if they are good for each other, but it doesnt really look good on you and it s not good for you, you are young and hopefully you will make your decisions wisely!!!
    If your boyfriend is willing to do this with you then I dont think he really respects you, I would never move in with somebody I love until I'm comitted to her by marriage.

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