where is the most beautiful place in the united states?

    i vote for the california coast. i'll start at morro bay and go up north to the rugged coast line.

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    Arguably Yellowstone National Park. I like the green in South Florida very nice sub-tropical area, especially the keys. I live in S. CA like the mountains, but it's to brown and dry much of the year. Santa Fe NM was very nice.

    The Grand Canyon was one of the most beautiful areas I've seen, Flagstaff AZ is close by and is a beautiful area. I still have to stick to Yellowstone though.
    Hawaii. I thought that Maui, in particular, was quite beautiful last time I was there but it's been a while.

    i'm just going to indiscriminately give everyone who responds a thumb up. i have lived in some beautiful towns in california: monterey, pacific grove, morro bay, los osos, san francisco ... i am well moved!

    Call your travel agent ASAP.....Destination?  Hawaii.


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