how do you get rid of RED Beet stain?

    from clothing?

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    2 Answers

    You can try doing a heat transfer if traditional cleaning doesn't work. Food dye is very similar to carpet or material dye.

    Your are going to need three things. A regular household steam iron. A White terrycloth or white cotton towel. Also you will need some ammonia.

    Warm up the clothing iron to a medium or low heat.

    Wet the white towel, not dripping wet just pretty wet.

    Pour the ammonia over the stained area.

    Place the damp towel over the stain that has the ammonia on it and press down over the towel with the iron.

    Keep pressure on it for about 30 seconds to a minute, lift up the iron and check to see if there is a brownish or yellowish transfer on the towel.

    If there is color transfer continue the process as many times as it takes to get the color out with out burning your carpet or shirt, what ever your working on it's the same process.

    Good luck with the stain. The process is called heat transfer if you want to google it? Hope this helps.
    Try bleach or a product called Iron Out if on white material.

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