what is treatment for someone whos blood test showing low immunity level?

    keep getting nasty chest infections

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    Good Luck with this one Belinda, sounds like there is no quick cure. Do you suffer from stress / anxiety. My GP puts my low immunity down to this (although quite how you get a test for low immunity in the UK I do not know). Do you live in the US ? I recently went to my GP as I had 4 illnesses within 4 months. My GP will not give me the white blood cell reactivity test (T suppressor cell), apparently because it's a fiddly test and may show a reliable result but may not (so it sounds like it's down to NHS costs). Instead my GP gave me all the standard tests - chloresterol, thyroid etc which I knew would come back negative.
    Make an appointment to see a nutritionist who is associated with a Seventh Day Adventist hospital and/or medical group. In California you could call Loma Linda Univerity Medical Center located in Loma Linda to see if you could have the nutritionists' names for a consultation.

    You probably will need a physical examination by a good physician (I would suggest a Seventh Day Adventist physician) as well as a consultation with a nutritionist.

    I do not recommend the Seventh Day Adventists because of religion. I recommend them because traditionally they are vegetarians but understand the dietary needs of humans. If a vegetarian needs to eat meat, they will advise a vegetarian to eat meat.

    You could be low on B vitamins, you could be eating a poorly balanced diet. You may need to drink more water and get more rest.

    If there is a bigger problem than depletion of your body's overall well-being they would treat your illness as well as build up your immune system with good nutrition.

    You may need standard tests for immune system problems.

    So you're gonna have to get the best help. And that's why I suggest physicians who include sound nutrition in with general medicine.

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