How can i loose at least 50 lbs, fast safe and easy?

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    Start drinking diet soda immediately and switch over to baked chips instead. At McDonald's, start ordering your double cheeseburgers WITHOUT THE CHEESE. Don't add additional salt to your fries. Salt is bad.
    You may be able to lose 50 pounds fast by eating very very little and exercising a whole lot but I guarantee that you would gain 50 pounds back and more once you started eating ( probably like you did in the past) and stop exercising. You have to lose weight slowly and put your new habits into HABITS. First start by cutting out one food that is the most in calories and fat and do not eat this food until your cheat day. You have to have one JUST ONE cheat day a week to satisy whatever you think you are missing in the week. For example I use to drink at least 4 or 5 sodas a day ( Dr. Pepper) well I simply just stopped drinking Dr. Pepper all together and it has helped tremendously. Secondly do not eat past a certain time at night. Night eating is the worst. You do have to exercise I use to walk in place and watch TV 20 minutes go by faster than you think. You have to set a goal for yourself one that is reachable. Like I said have one day a week where you can eat what you want without guilt you will find over time that you really do not want those foods that you were eating that were bad and fatty or you find that you cannot eat as much as you use too. Drink water, water helps you lose weight. Park your car has far away as you can from the store so you have to walk use stairs instead of elevators all of these little things add up. Once you start to lose weight and you see you are making progress it gets easier and easier. Good Luck to you!

    Thank you so much that sounds like a great idea, i will start doing that, i have been drinking alot of water latley and that has filled me up :) thank you so much, it means alot for all you guys to guve me advice and help me :)
    Reminds me of an old joke.How can you lose 10lbs of ugly,useless fat? (A) Cut your head off! No offence,just a joke.
    No pain, no gain.
    diet and exercise
    P.S. I have found that for the first few days after counting my calorie intake I'm quite hungry, but after about a week my stomach has got used to the less foot and is satisfied. :)

    My mom told me that if i dont eat on a diet and just drink water that my body builds up fat and stores it cause im not eating is that true?

    That is true...your body needs fuel to work properly, so if you don't eat enough it will store everything you eat thinking that you are starving and need to survive! If you go to this site below and enter the information it will tell you how many calories to consume daily! Good luck!! Soon that frown will be a smile! lol
    I'm finding it helpful to have to be accountable for everything I eat by keeping a log on It has helped and it also tells you how many calories you have burned in your different exercises! Good luck!

    Thank you :)
    I would try eating a little less and exercising.

    I'm currently walking and using Kettlebells and that's working nicely for me.

    For KB info, go to - lots of knowledgeable folks over there.
    eat nothing but rice, fresh fruit & vegies & drink plenty of water. Keep this up for 4-6 weeks or for the rest of your days. You will not only live longer but have a much happier life. The old habits will soon be forgotton. be strong, try yoga. It will also keep you fit and trim.

    No protein ? Not a very healthy long term solution.Add fish and chicken if you want to stay away from fat.

    Occasionally, treat yourself to something that tastes sinful. Life is not worth living otherwise ;-)

    Thanks a bunch :), im bad about eating really tasty foods, i cook all the time lol :)
    I heard about a new diet! It's called the "Pasta" diet! "Pasta" by the food!! ;) I know, I know...I can almost hear you all saying, "Groan!!!"

    Pasta like noddles? Lol i thought that pasta was fattining :)?

    When you pas(ta) the food then it's not so fattening!!

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