how many babies are born every year

    really how many babies are born each year well actually i asked this i didnt want to answer it so if someone could please answer it that would be extremely great and this is interesting to me because people say every 15 babies are born with ortisim so i am wondering how many children in 1 year are born usually because it might be different each year which it most probably be so this is a concern of mine that has been in my head for too long i have had to say something and i have so i hope you reply with trufulness because this is not a joke this is nature unleashing itself to its udmost fears so we have to except these fears and tell the truth so all ii am asking is how many kids have been born in the year 2011 since we havnt finished 2011 yet lets just talk about a full year and so who has ever answered this loyal question people will see how much kids and children can be made in our lovely and amaxing world. god bless.

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    Why is my head spinning?

    The word is Autism and it's difficult to answer your question because you dont say if you want a number world wide or just for your country. Also you dont say if you want a number of born alive or a number born in total including still born. It is impossible to count the number of babies born in third world countries as allot of them are not registered births or even born in hospitals.

    well it would be hard to calculate because a baby is being  born every second its like a lifecycle ofa frog come and go.

    google it.



    Google it is not an answer. Please do not answer year old questions.

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