Why are some people mad or dont like how the U.S. is celebrating osama bin laden death?

    why are people mad about the us celebrating this?

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    Some people disagree with murdering others in general, they may just disagree with the whole scenario.
    Headless Man

    Sorry, but this was not murder, it is war.
    They can be mad, some thought it was great when he killed thousands of innocent people. We just killed the killer.

    Great point Randy, I'm sure there were many Muslim extremists or possibly even moderates who celebrated when the Twin Towers came crashing down.
    ed shank

    I happened to be a block away from a Mosque as the first tower went down. The Mosque emptied out in the street and there was rejoicing everywhere. The entire police department was called out for crowd control. Something I will never forget. I should forgive, but I won't. I dislike Muslims and their sick religion, plain and simple.
    Many of the people who are pissed off in the Middle East are "Always Pissed Off!!!" They would kill you for drawing a cartoon of Mohamed. So who really cares if they're pissed, they are just looking for another excuse to go out and smash things in the street.

    We know that our military did the right thing, if ((they)) don't like it then, "that's just the way it goes." If there are any Americans who may not like it can kiss my azz, if you are that p.c. then you are completely out of touch with reality.

    I know that this is a little harsh compared to most of my answers, it's just my opinion. TMO

    Murder: To put an end to; destroy

    Thats exactly what happened. To some, war means countless murders.
    Headless Man

    The difference is the heart, to kill with malice or to kill to save others.
    Those people pissed off need a reality check, and a size 12 in their ass. I'll oblige.
    I think that some people are mad because they think that the death of Osama Bin Laden may actually cause problems,
    those that supported him, may want revenge for the death of their "leader".

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