how do you send emails without disclosing your name and address

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    Emails you send out only discloses what information you list when you first log into your email client or online account. Recepients can only see the name you send the email under (what username you've entered) and your email address (cannot be changed or made invisible). Your physical address is only included with the email if you've entered it manually or entered it into a signature command (information you want to be included at the end of every email). A savvy computer user could trace you through the IP address, but that's another issue.

    To change your Sender name in emails, follow these steps:

    OUTLOOK email client: Go to TOOLS > Email Accounts > View or change existing e-mail accounts. Select your email account and click 'Change'. Under User Information enter what you want into the Your Name box. Click Next and Finish.

    GMAIL: see here and here

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