Can we still vote up (or down too I guess if need be) comments still...if so, how is it done now? Thanks in advance!

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    Yes the same as it was as far as actual mechanics. Click the thumbs up or down according to your choice. You can only do this on actual questions not able to do so on comments. So thumbs up to me for telling you. You can`t thumbs up your own question so you do it for me please.

    I should give you a TD just for begging, lol

    bwahahahe, colleen ;)
    Yes, it's the hands you see with the up and down thumbs showing. It's still the same as before.
    Ms Sinclair

    Comments, not questions or answers.

    You can vote on questions and answers. You just won't see thumbs on your questions or answers because you can't vote on your own.

    We use to be able to vote up comments on the old forum (no down votes on them) this forum does not offer votes for comments though.

    (sorry, brain is tired...It was slow on the uptake for the "comments". )
    ole hipster

    Thanks Colleen...thought this might be the case
    I'd like to know about that too. Anyone know the answer?
    I confess I looked at this question yesterday and left it, mystified.

    Now it has been answered, by another question, and yet you both have high karma and at least one of you has voted me up for one answer in the past.

    You click ONCE on either thumbs up or thumbs down.

    Thumbs up gives the person whose answer you like, or whose question you think was a good one, 15 points & costs you nothing.

    Thumbs down removes 15 points from the person who asked the question, or gave a poor answer, but doing it will cost YOU 10 points. You may feel it is worth it to do that, and sometimes perhaps it is. I think it's better to take the time to give the opposing point of view, or simply comment the answer.

    Still puzzled...


    The point of negative karma is to hopefully keep people from abusing the karma system. It also helps to promote discussion verses clicking then leaving. Or at least that's the way it should work.

    If an answer is so tactless as to be cruel, then yes thumbs down has its place. Worse and I assume one should report abuse???

    You seem to deal with inappropriate questions fast and effectively. I mentioned them because you can vote down a question.

    Yes, one should report abusive comments. This saves you 10 karma rather than voting down. You can also tear ass on a rude commenter if you want. If I see 3 or more people finding a comment offensive, I will remove the post. This is where I let the members help me to moderate. It takes a community and all that.. ;)

    You have enough karma, you should be able to vote down also.

    Yes, I can vote them down and I do when it's just a negative comment but not so rude it can hurt the poster. I get zapped for 10 karma on a down vote too.

    Interesting that you take action if 3 different people find an answer offensive.

    Long ago on the other forum, there was a vote that we would run with the idea of free speech/no censorship. There are times however when even free speech crosses a line. That's when I let the members help me decide. Vulgar and troll like comments have never been allowed however. Swearing at a person to demean them is another non acceptable behavior.
    under the new proposal, we would call each other on the phone personaly and give a verbal thumbs up or down
    Thanks all for the answers! (:

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