Why we have dreams with people are no longer in our lives?

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    You may forget a person that was in your life but your brain does not. You have a conscious brain and a sub-conscious brain. Hopefully, as you read this you are in your conscious brain, the conscious brain reasons, the sub-conscious does not, this is why we dream of weird things,. when you are awakening from a sound sleep, these two brains pass by each other, sometimes leaving bits and pieces of our weird dreams in our conscious thoughts. The human brain is an amazing computer, it reasons, stores information and controls our every move, Whatever in life you have stored into memory, it is still there. We never forget, we store information. It is stored in your sub-conscious brain, sometimes we need a jolt to bring it out-- You will see something that will remind you of something in the past that you thought you forgot. Hypnotists and psychiatrists try to reach into that area of the brain to retrieve memories that the conscious brain can not recall.
    well its cuz u miss n r thinking of them in ur sleep u only use 20% of ur lil brain ( not being mean) but when u sleep ur useing 87% n that taps in to ur phots n memories. hope i helped

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