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    Oldest Person Alive Right Now 2011

    This ‘great-great-great-great grandmother’ claims to have lived through three centuries and her family believe she could be the oldest person in the world. But Rebecca Lanier, 119, whose secret to long life is to ‘keep on living’, will not be recognized by Guinness World Records because she has no birth certificate. Mrs Lanier, of Warrensville Heights, Ohio, who was born in March 1892, has seventh-generation grandchildren and outlived her husband and their two daughters.

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    wow Pamela she is old ah god bless her well done on the answer :)

    That's one title I wouldn't want to have, I already have arthritis problems in my earl forties, lol.


    Think of the amazing things this woman knows.

    As long as you are mentally sharp and aren't in horrible pain then that would be ideal.

    I've had the pleasure to have met some wonderful elderly people, they are just so nice and very wise. They just don't make em like that anymore, lol.

    One thing for sure, she's an original.

    In today's society, grandmother's these day can be as young as 35 years old.

    I thought it was you, GRANDPA3.



    In biblical terms he was..   But he drank a lot, chased women and stayed up late at night and was on drugs so in modern terms  he was 17.. :) 

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