what if i don't own a cellphone?

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    I wish I didn't own a cellphone. :( I liked it when my excuse was, sorry, I didn't have a quarter to call you..

    heha. so true ;)
    YOUR 35% normal :)
    What if I do?
    I haven't got a cellphone and don't want or need one but I wonder how long it will be before all phones are mobile. I imagine that the infrastructure for landlines is more expensive to maintain than a mobile network.
    If you live in a civilised part of the world you would be the only person over th age of 5 that does not have one. We in OZ are even giving them to the penguins in antartica so we can warn of baby seal hunters change their preference for what innocents to slaughter.
    I suspect the problem for this member is the number of sites that won't let you register without typing in a number: your landline, your address & your email isn't enough for them. It is extremely annoying. I do have one... I don't go around with it attached to my ear... I can't remember its number... Many companies have lost my business because it's easier to look elsewhere online than to go and find it. It's probably out in the car, in case I need it in an emergency... or in the pocket of my jeans...

    Well if that's the case, I saw this last night...he only has to type 555 555 5555 for the phone number.

    And so do I :-) Thanks.

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