Natural Ways To Relieve Cramps (While At Work) ... Anyone Have Any Tricks Up Your Sleeve? (Gentleman, I'm Sure You're THRILLED To Have Read This Question :p )

    Or any interesting natural remedies that you know of :) I'm trying to take the natural path in life rather than downing 3 Tylenol to subside pain.

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    Take 700-800mg of Cacium a day and Magnesium Chloride about
    about 700mg a day, or drink Raspery Leaf Tea (from Heath Food
    Store). I too prefer Natural Remedies. I hope this helps.

    Thanks Ann! Great answer :)
    yes I'm male and men get cramps too, women in different areas than men but the are still cramps and they are painful too.
    In my experience the fastest cramp relief I have ever experienced is to apply "aspercreme" to the affected area. I also use Ann's answer to prevent cramps but sometimes forget my meds or run out until I can get to a store.
    Leg cramps can be relieved by breathing in a bag as long as you can and not

    Not sure it will help you might try.
    Ms Sinclair

    Lol. Why are men trying to answer this question? She's obviously talking about menstrual cramps.
    Headless Man

    You never know what works on the leg may work
    My cramps are usually in the lower leg, and I get relief by standing and walking to the water cooler and back.... Sorry Ashley, I couldn't resist :o)

    haha, it's ok. You have to be able to laugh in life :)
    A heat pad you can heat in microwave,a water bottle or you can get heat pads from chemists.
    I've heard about drinking hot liquids to soothe stomach pain but that’s about all I can think of. I know I can Google this but I'd rather gain some knowledge from people I've learned a little bit about :)
    A hot water bottle held in the lap, while you are sitting at your desk in your desk chair. Also Midol really works on menstrual cramps. One of the BEST CURES FOR Menstrual CRAMPS is to take a regular dose of one or two EVENING PRIMROSE OIL capsules. This oil can be bought at most drugstores now, but it probably less expensive at Walmart and Costco. One of the best things that this oil capsule does is IT PREVENTS LUMPS IN YOUR BREASTS. I thought I had cancer in one of my breasts once, and it turned out to be a benign fatty lump or something. When I came home from the ONCOLOGIST who told me I did not have cancer, thank the Lord, I sat at the computer and looked up all of the breast forums online, and then I kept seeing "Evening Primrose Oil". Ever since I stated taking it, I no longer get any type of lumps or cysts, but my sister and her daughter refuse to try this oil, and both of them have had scares in the past few years.

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