Why am I single for this long ?

    Why am I alone ? I don't want to be single anymore ...what is the reason? and don't say I just haven't found the right guy .....Please don't just say that

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    I read one time that if you focus on lack... it's what you get...the universal law of attraction. A great suggestion is to prepare as if you have a man in your life already. Clear one side of the closet and a drawer. Leave space for his car in the driveway and try to sleep on one side of the bed.I know it sounds silly but try it.
    Write a list of what you want in a man and all the qualities, quirks and just stop looking. People get a feeling from your energy and when you are feeling kind of needy ...if that's the right term...your energy is felt clear across a room.Learn to treat yourself the way you expect to be treated, love what you see reflected in the mirror. You must learn to love yourself before you are capable of being loved by others.Find content and happiness from within and do the things that make you happy.
    My next part of advice is when a man makes eye contact...hold it just long enough to show you are interested, hold it, hold it then smile. Don't offer your life story on the first date if you get that far...spend time asking him questions...a gentle interview if you like. He will like to know you are interested in him...not yourself. Don't take life so seriously...have fun...laugh a lot. He is out there waiting for you!

    I wonder if you appear available? When you are out and about pay spiecal attention to the gentlemen that you encounter.

    The masters of this scociety through tv, movies, music, magazines etc. have engineered a world of indifference towards relationships and family throught their programming in order to make us weak. You will not stand up without family, friends, known neighbors etc. when they drag you or someone else away. You will just watch and think "oh well it's not me". Go places you enjoy and do things you like to do and talk to people there and get to know people and let them get to know you. Don't give them to much, make them curious about what makes you tick and want to see you again. Buckup lil buckaroo and go do something you want to besides worry about something you can't control.

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