Do you like the red number inprovement? Also does it change the way you use the site?

    One of the first things I do after I log on is check out the red number comments, in place of the old gold bar. I always look to see what other members have commented on and I click onto their profiles and look at their recently commented answers or question. I return the favor of the thumbs up to some of the answers or questions the member left.

    It's kind of my new system, I like to support the others that support me, even some who don't if I like their answers. DOES ANYONE ELSE DO THIS, OR IS IT JUST ME?

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    Yes, I'm starting to do that also and it gets some good old questions back in the conversations.
    No, would like to be able to edit the profile also.

    You can edit your profile!
    It won't let me comment so I had to go into answer must be a bug, thanks Randy, your a good friend.
    Does anyone know how to look up our old questions besides by using search? I can only see a few of my questions...

    You can go to the "top contributors" and select any of the members, click on their questions and see what they have asked. I usually go to the "newest". You obviously need to know who asked the question you are searching for, but you can still come up with good old questions. I found this one by putting a couple of words in the search...was not looking for this particular q, but am happy to be here.
    Just wondering if anyone else uses the same system as I do? I do like to return the favor of a thumbs up vote, I don't care about the thumbs down vote to much. Sometimes when I give a good answer and I get a thumbs down it makes me wonder what did I say that they didn't agree with, but that's just out of curiosity.

    Yes, leeroy, I use the red numbers to see who has answered one of my questions, noted me up or down, and foremost to check for comments. I will go to the TU'd response and look for others' responses, TU'g or thanking if I like the answer. I generally TU a question I answer.  I don't  go to a person's profile and start looking at their questions to answer or answers to TU.  "tabber" would be an exception because her questions are always good ones and sometimes I miss them. 

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