The Sabbath. . . Saturday or Sunday?

    Does anyone know what day the Sabbath should be? Some say Saturday or Sunday. Does it really matter what day of the week? Please let me know what you think and why. Thanks.

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    God rested on the first seventh day in this earths history after six days of work. His first day of work is what is now called SUNday. Although there isn't much recorded prior to God asking the Israelites to "remember" the Sabbath day, there is prior evidence, such as manna raining from heaven for the other six days of the week and not on Sabbath. But why would God ask Israel to remember something that He had never commanded them before? God says the Sabbath is to be kept throughout our generations. Jesus said till heaven and earth pass the law will continue; until all is fulfilled.


    In case you missed my point, only Saturday is consistent with the Day of worship in the Bible.

    Headless Man

    Sunday-- Saturday should be kept Holy. A special day to Worship.

    Headless Man

    Sunday-- Saturday should be kept Holy, and a special day to Worship.

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    All day Saturday...................Sabado, good enough for undergear, good enough for me.


    Foot note.

    Just checked the official site of the Adventists and Yes the do keep Saturday as Sabbath.
    Google: Adventist Beliefs.

    Hi Leeroy

    A very good question.
    "On the 7th day God rested from his works of creation." Genesis 2 v 1

    On one occasion when I visited the wailing wall in Jerusalem
    Our Jewish guide explained to us Gentiles in the bus party that on their Sabbath the Jews come to pray,
    But we should not call it the wailing wall, It is the Western Wall where Jews come to pray and celibate joy-us occasion."

    "If you wish to see the place where all Jews put on the sack cloth and ashes, tear their garments and wail. I can take you there on a week day."

    We asked, "Why a Week day?
    He replied, "Its the office of Inland Revenue."

    See, even Jews have a sense of humour.

    In the Acts of the Apostles the disciples often taught in the synagogue on the Sabbath day (See Acts 13 v 14 & 27. There is no record in scripture of the Sabbath being observed on a Sunday.
    However The Emperor Constantine the great was a worshiper of the Sun God called Sol on a SUNDAY.
    He also presided over the first Ecumenical Council in Nicaea in the year 325AD also at that assembly
    was one Archbishop Athanasius. You have heard of the Athanasian Creed of course or if you like the doctrine of the trinity. So now you know why that doctrine is not found in scripture. Constantine wanted to restore Rome and the religion of Rome which was in disrepute. So he fused a universal and branded true Christians as heretics and what followed was called the dark ages.

    True Christians today are under no obligation to observe a Sabbath but we hold a service on a Sabbath because I very high percentage of our spiritual family and their students have that traditional day off work. Muslims have their Sabbath on a Friday and also claim their heritage from Abraham of Genesis. You should also check 7th day Adventists. I believe they also have drawn conclusions.

    Kind Regards


    The question is clear, which day is the Sabbath? it is not asking what or when should we be holy! The question is clear and deals with WORSHIP. You can worship God every single day and thats good! Now, does God ask of us, his children, to WORSHIP HIM CORPORATELY? the answer is yes! Read Revelation 14,7, he commands to worship He who CREATED the heavens and the earth and everything in it! Only the 7th day of Creation, the sabbath fulfills such command. It is not about being legalistic, it's about being obedient to what God ask of you. Worship Him according to the light you have. Now, if you have a doubt, ask of God wisdowm and direction and He will guide you to the truth. If this was not true then why would God ask "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE, FOR BABYLON has fallen"!

    chowman007 is through Christ saving grace that you as a believer are capacitated to fulfill God's precept in your members. The new "heart" He promised to give us, is a new "WILL" given to us by faith as we accept Christ as our personal saviour. No human effort here/ It is Christ who works in you the perfect will of God! And as Jesus would say, doing your will is my pleasure.

    Sabbath is good any day.


    Thank you for responding!

    Roger Willcoe

    Your welcome. Anytime.

    I don't know but Sunday sounds good to me.

    What does it matter? Don't get tangled up in literalism, trust in your own heart seeking for the Truth when and where ever you will :)


    SUNDAY, MONDAY, OR ALWAYS......................

    AFTER being freed from Egyptian slavery, the Israelites were instructed to keep a weekly Sabbath. That Sabbath fell on the seventh day of the week, beginning at sundown on Friday and ending at sundown on Saturday. What was the purpose of the law requiring Sabbath observance?

    In the year 1513 B.C.E. the Israelites were on trek in the wilderness en route to Mount Sinai and were running out of food. So God provided manna for them for six consecutive days but none on the seventh. (Ex. 16:22-30) For the first time Jehovah made it a law for his people to rest on the seventh day. Moreover, it was an arrangement only for Israel: “Between me and the sons of Israel it is a sign to time indefinite.”—Ex. 31:16, 17.

    Again and again the Bible makes it clear that Christians are not under the Law, that it was ‘taken out of the way,’ nailed to Christ’s torture stake. “Therefore let no man judge you in eating and drinking or in respect of a festival . . . or of a sabbath.”—Col. 2:13-16. In the second century C.E.,the Roman emperor Constantine, anxious to favor the already corrupted Christianity of his day, made a law that Sunday should be observed. He insisted that the day was sacred to the sun. This was pagan, not Christian. Apostate Christendom today, with flagging zeal and varying views, still recognizes dies solis, the day of the sun!

    From a careful study of the Bible these important points clearly emerge: that if a day should be observed it would be Saturday, the seventh day; that the Sabbath law was only for ancient Israel; that it was never repeated or given to Christians (as was the law concerning sanctity of blood—Acts 15:19, 20); and that “Christ is the end of the Law,” including the Sabbath. (Rom. 10:4) Hence, for those “scrupulously observing days and months,” the apostle Paul wrote: “I fear for you, that somehow I have toiled to no purpose respecting you.”—Gal. 4:10, 11.

    Sunday! I believe it was once Saturday.

    I've heard a speaker who said that the day of the week doesn't matter as long as you take one day a week to rest. But yes sat. for the Jew, sun. for the Gentile,

    The Sabbath was Saturday in Anciet times when the week started with Sunday. The Pope, in the 3rd century changed the week starting on Monday so the Sabbath would be Sunday. Funny though how the printed calendar of today still follows the Ancient system with Sunday as the first day of the week!

    Just to add to undergear, many languages have a name for the day Saturday which also has the meaning of Sabbath:

    Arabic: Sabet

    Armenian: Shabat

    Bosnian: Subota

    Bulgarian: Sabota

    Corsican: S?batu

    Croatian: Subota

    Czech: Sobota

    Georgian: Sabati

    Greek: Savvato

    Indonesian: Sabtu

    Italian: Sabato

    Latin: Sabbatum

    Maltese: is-Sibt

    Polish: Sobota

    Portuguese: S?bado

    Romanian: Sambata

    Russian: Subbota

    Serbian: Subota

    Slovak: Sobota

    Slovene: Sobota

    Somali: Sabti

    Sudanese: Saptu

    Ukranian: Subota


    The word "Saturday" comes from the word - Saturn, the planet. All the days of the week come from the planets, including Sunday (the Sun) and Monday (the Moon).

    I dont know but why would Christ give a message to John (Rev.14.6-7), making reference to the end time, a message that goes to the WHOLE WORLD not a specific NATION to fear God and give Him honor for the hour of HIS judgement has come. and then commands to WORSHIP who....the CREATOR. Now, only one of ten commandments makes me REMEMBER of the act of Creation- the fourth commandment. The seventh day known today as Saturday. Can you imagen working for Apple and telling the CEO, well I will work Saturday and Sunday, when you were hired to work monday thru friday. Who are we to tell God when we want to worship him when He gives an explicit command? You feel free to do as your mind tells you, be honest and keep your ears open, so when you hear the Spirit talking you can obey and follow. God will make sure to bring the truth to surface in regards to what day to worship! I can garantee you that.


    we need a day of rest that is why we aare all wearing out so , to refrain from work and business to draw close to God chill , I love to reat from all the cares of this world but visiting the sick and ministering to the needs of others is not a cake walk having community is not without sacrifice of your time , sunday is a day to celebrate and come together with other believers, jesus said not to get caught up in all that,the day of worship , food etc. agree get to know him and he will show you.

    I "celebrate" the Sabbath on Sunday, and I am not positive but I am pretty sure it is because that is the day Jesus was resurrected, on a Sunday, so thats why. But I lived in Israel for a little while and even though here in America our church is on Sunday, we went to church on Saturday because that was the Sabbath in Israel. Someone once told me, It is not important what day you worship, as long as it is the Sabbath. (and you should worship every day)so it just depends on what you think. i guess.

    Spanish language translates Saturday as "sabado" which means sabbath in the language. It's a start.

    I would think it is Saturday, since "Sun"day I believe is the first day of the week when God created the heavens, the Sun and the Earth.

    The Jewish people had many sabbaths, the Jewish people worshiped on Saturday and held the day as holy, but Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for Man and not Man made for the Sabbath, meaning we have power over the Sabbath day. God knows the human body because He made it and He knows it needs a day to rest. As far as the day you can worship any day, but it is best to worship everyday. As Christians we worship on Sunday because that is the day Jesus was resurrected from the dead. He is our Sabbath we find our rest in Him.


    God made man, God made the Sabbath for man. Man has no power over the Sabbath. If man desires to do those things that the Bible and Jesus taught, then he will keep the Seventh day Sabbath. Sunday resurrection had nothing to do with the changing of the Sabbath. Jesus Himself rested in the tomb on the Sabbath and resurrected after the Sabbath had passed. The Sabbath was changed by the Catholic Church and that is her claim of authority over the Christian Church.

    if were all debating which day is the sabbath why not worship both days


    Seriously, God doesn't ask for two days. He expects us to work, six days a week. I don't know how the establishment of a two day weekend came into existence, not that I don't like it, but it doesn't have it's origin in God's Word. If you are really going to worship God, according to God's Word, then you will keep the Seventh day holy-which is Saturday.

    i posted the same question,didn't realize it was out ther already
    i come to beleive that saturday is the biblical sabbath.but i also beleive as long as you reconize one day a week to honor god that is going to delet my entry but never will i delet god from my life!!


    The Jews believed Saturday was the Sabbath. Early Christians started on Sunday, to separate themselves from the Jews and the Mosaic law, which was fulfilled by Jesus.

    Every man is his own temple. Living the life makes every day the Sabbath, don't get lost in the fundamental triviles,having not to do with the True Love of God the Father, but simply with historics, and the dead bones of the past. The Spirit transcends Time and Space, so who are we to quibble or worry over such meaningless things. ;)

    . . . And again . . . It should be in the effort and in the heart of every Godly person at all times. For it is the guiding Light of Love concerning all things in earth life; in the Existence. Focus on the technical, literal, concepts alone always lead to dogmatism, thus anarchy, which is the nurturing of the dark spirit of ignorance, from which all such things evil is born.

    It is everyday by an effort to a Good and Holy life

    Traditions fight battles over such trivia, such a day is every day to the true seeker.

    God began His work on the first day, so the first day was a workday, precisely what we refer to as "Monday", and on the seventh day He rested--thereby the seventh day is really Sunday, although our calendars show it as our first day. Either way, Sunday is our day of worship, however, if you invite God into your heart, "He" is with you always.


    Saturday has always been the seventh day. I don't know where you think you get your fax. Sunday is the first day of the week. When Pagan Rome became Papal Rome she kept many of her pagan images, symbols, holidays and yes the day of the sun and gave them a Christian makeover. The Catholic church acknowledges changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. There is no where in the Bible that Sunday was kept holy.

    chowman007 the reasoning. Either God at mount Sinai failed to communicate clearly or the Isralites were not paying attention and worshiped on Saturday!...and to make matters worst, Christ failed to clarify it to the disciples! Talk about Divine inspiration!

    chowman007 the way Paula, you said it right! "Sunday is YOUR day of worship", not God's. Eventhough He, God, welcomes your praises, whenever, and at whatever time, He, God, has a special day! After all do you go to work on whatever day, at whatever time, whenever you choose? Only if you are the boss of your own small or big company! Take care. No ill intended.

    The seventh day! Thats the only day God set a side. Its the second commandment. The first is to be fruitful and multiply. It is also number four of the ten commandments. It is the day Jesus went to the temple to preach and read the scripture.

    ""You're all wrong, it's Monday.

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