How did I get this old?

    I can't be the only boomer asking this question. Let hear what you have to say

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    Time marches on and we are all heading in the same direction.

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    accept age gracefully knowing that the knowledge that it bestows upon you, will last a lifetime

    A truck hasn't hit you yet......

    One day at a time and life will still continue to march on.

    On the other hand you could be looking back on your life and saying I wish I had lived longer

    I know exactly how you feel. I too am of the baby boomer generation. It seems like only yesterday that I was young or younger (depends how you look at it). Sometimes I can hardly believe I've made it this far being an aging hippie from the psychedelic era!

    Well.strange as it seems you got this old by not dying...anyyway what is a boomer? Someone who asks stupid questions?


    I guess he meant baby boomer (generation). No need to insult anyone.

    God looked down upon this earth and said 'there he is'! and hit you with that brain. Thats why...

    The same way i did it's not our time to go yet.The person two questions below you wants to know why we have birthdays.So we can get old hahaha Don

    older? Im still 29 (its a family thing) and have been for 22 years

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