To those still clamoring about the Royal Wedding, what is more important news now this one or taking Bin Laden out of the face of this Earth - THE EVIL ONE!

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    I say taking out of Bin Laden.
    With the way this world has been for too many years now, a fairytale wedding the world could fall into for a short while was much needed. We can not live in perpetual doom and gloom constantly. A break on occasion is needed to keep some sort of sanity during the confusing times. I'm not really sure where the bitterness is coming from concerning this wedding but quite frankly I'm tired of listening to people whine that it took place or holding it up to compare it to something else. Stop trying to dirty or mar something that gave millions of people world wide a chance to rejoice and be happy for a little while. The death of Osama is important most to the American people. We do not need to step on others happiness by saying our event is greater than theirs.
    peter paul

    Colleen, you are missing a point here but whatever happens in Great Britain in terms of events like The Royal Wedding is blown too much out of proportion. Happiness yes more power to them and the people who love following these fairy tale rare events, but hey since you are entitled to your own opinions, I am entitled to mines as well. If you think that I am tainting your favorite event and throwing dirt at it, its not my problem. Lastly, does this fairy tale event have any significant impact in your life? Does it offer you permanent happiness? Think before you attack my blog.

    "but whatever happens in Great Britain in terms of events like The Royal Wedding is blown too much out of proportion."

    Bull crap. I did not attack a blog. I shared my opinion on an open forum where a question/topic is not owned by any one individual. If you do not want to hear words contrary to you thoughts, then please, by all means, go create yourself a personal blog and block all people who oppose your thoughts. You already shared your opinion which I responded to. This wedding has not been blown out of proportion and it brought joy, happiness and good feelings to people around the world who are struggling to remember what it's like to have the world come together in harmony, to share a bit of joy together and to celebrate love. I do not see how you can miss THAT point unless you've forgotten what happiness and love feels like.
    peter paul

    Stop trying to dirty or mar something that gave millions of people world wide a chance to rejoice and be happy for a little while. What do you call this then? Now you even have the nerve to use the word "Bull crap" which I take offense at, if you don't like my blog and you have nothing good to say, then don't read my blog and offer your two cents here since I don't need your feedback.

    Do you really believe that the death of Osama will offer you permanent happiness? No, you will forget all about him as soon as the next one comes along. Do you remember how you felt when we killed Saddam Hussein? I bet you forgot all about him 'til right now since I mentioned him.

    If you do not like feedback, do not post in an open forum where people can give their views and opinions to your words. This is not a blog site. It's a questions and answers forum.

    I call you whining that people paid too much attention to a wedding representing love between two people. Sorry if you take offense to me calling your opinion that the wedding was blown out of proportion, bull crap. Because it is.
    peter paul

    I am not going to further engage in any further cyber bullying around here. So WHATEVER.

    And now you call this bullying? My aren't you the sensitive one.
    peter paul

    the evil one is still here for the time being at least,by and large bin ladens death takes presidence over "the royal wedding"(which is a huge victory for the brits as well) but give it a few days and some other major event will come quickly we forget...haiti earth quake.. gulf oil disaster..japan

    As I mentioned to him, Saddam Hussein.....remember when he was the big deal?

    saddam who?
    peter paul

    I remembered Saddam Hussein and yes it was wonderful that he was taken out and I would never forget that especially now that we have taken two key terrorist figures out. Daren1 I agreed with you that other world issues take precedence such as the Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and the ensuing Nuclear disaster as a result, our continuing poor economy and Joblessness, The Gulf Oil Disaster & The Haitian Earthquake. The Royal Wedding in my opinion only belongs to entertainment and gossip news and NOT World Events to drown those other important World Issues including taking out of Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden because it at least makes our world breathe a sigh of relief.
    Bin Laden obviously.

    The Royal Wedding had it's place as a day when the world could join together to be happy.

    You seem to think that the news is a one event situation. Whatever is the most important or disasterous gets top billing and people shouldn't be interested in anything else. People crave information from different aspects of society, both national and international, political and nonpolitical. It's not a matter of importance,but varity since people have different interest. If it weren't then news organizations wouldn't try to make a profit.

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