why wont my son take a shower, he is 25 years old

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    Has he been like this most of his life? if so you havent educated him enough on personal hygeine.If on the other hand he has been refusing to shower lately he might be suffering some form of depression.
    He doesn't have a woman in his life and never will if he don't shower.

    You got that right!As a woman myself that will make us run for the hills.
    It sounds like Depression to me. He needs to get help
    Maybe he's a Pom.
    Weird....does he bathe at all or is he just a slob?
    Laziness and lack of social attention.
    I agree with the others, depression or another mental illness could be a cause for his behaviour. But that is really hard to say because you don't go muchinto detail. Has he always been like that? What does he say is his reason for it? How is he doing socially and professionally? All that information can give valuable clues.

    Best wishes,
    Because he is a lazy man. I bet he really stinks.
    He is depressed or something like that
    ole hipster

    Now that is serious depression...have been depressed myself but never that depressed..we are all different in our actions and reactions regarding suffering from depression

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