Do you really think UBL is dead?

    Don't you think the CIA would love to interrogate him?

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    Wasn't the CIA really noble to have him dumped in the sea. That is far too convenient of an answer. You seriously think that- rather than him in the dungeon of the Pentagon getting water boarded for information? I liked UBL better.
    ole hipster

    I do like your water boarding much better than the sea! (:
    the timeing couldn't have been better for obamas re-election, until i see photos/footage i'm not throughly convinced
    DNA proved it. Their actions in the days to come will substantiate that he is dead once and for all. Hope they tied a peace of pork around his neck before they threw him out of the chopper.
    Photo's will come, I'm sure he's dead.

    Photos? they all look the same,, LOL
    Last I heard his body was taken to sea somewhere hush hush. No country would want to take it, thus the sea for he! By the way it's OBL, not UBL like Fox spelled the name (Usama)!!
    That's a good point, one we'l probably never have an answer to.
    The picture does look real though, and I have a feeling he was prepared to die and not being caught.
    I woundered that myself if he is really dead but If he happened to show up later in life it wold really be egg on our leaders face for doing such a big lie. Unless Obama made a deal with him which I would not put past him.

    You mean egg on the face like Iraq and dozen of other CIA blunders?

    Ya whatever

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